There are only 3 "Mulan 2008"cakes.
 This Pu'Erh was harvested from old trees in Nan Kong Shan (south of Simao). he liquor has an intense amber color. It exudes a powerful scent of cooked red fruits, wild berries, with a woody base and a touch of yeast. On the palate, red fruit (cherry jam) and wood, then spicy notes are expressed (pepper, nutmeg). Honey appears in the final and some astringency persists on further infusions.
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TERRE de CIEL Pu’Er teas and other teas from Yunnan

Here is our selection of genuine raw and ripe Pu’Er teas. You will also find here a choice of famous Yunnan teas (black, green and white teas).
Since 2005 we spend several months a year in Yunnan Province, producing and selecting our own teas during local harvest time.

Pu’Er tea (or “Pu’Erh”) is a famous Chinese tea originating from a very ancient tradition.
Our Pu’Er tea cakes come exclusively from natural or wild gardens situated in preserved areas of the Great Tea Mountains. The leave are harvested from old or very old trees belonging to our partner families. The teas are made in a traditionnal and manual way. Thanks to its origins and the methods employed to produce it, Pu’Er tea is a particularly beneficial drink for maintaining good health.

Yunnan also yields a variety of other teas coming from distinct geographical areas and produced according to varying local customs.

We also offer an exclusive choice of hand-crafted Jianshui clay potteries and some teaware enabling you to enjoy the teas in optimum conditions. And at least you are invited to travel with us through the notebooks published in the blog and the pictures of our reports.

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Aude Frère et Dominique Charriez


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